In this page you can see global statistics on data collected in real time. If you want to see statistics related to your own measurements login.

Overall Activity

This graph shows how many measurements our users collected in the last two weeks.

User Activity Distribution

This graph shows how many users contributed a specific number of measurements. By moving your mouse over the blue line you will see 2 numbers, e.g., 500, 20: This means, that 500 users made at least 20 measurements.

Continent Activity

Here you can see the overall user activity for each continent during the last three days.

User Estimates

In this graph you can see the dB values predicted by users versus the actual measured values. Dots close to the green line are correct estimations while dots far from the green line are wrong ones.

Latest Recordings

Most Active Users (two months)

Most Recordings

Average Values

Last Day
Last Month
Last Year

User Counts

Linked devices
Overall Devices

Overall Noise Average

This graph shows the world-wide noise average recorded during the last days.