Ever heard of sound pollution?

There are various kinds of pollution that get often on the first page of newspapers. Noise pollution instead is rarely cited, but it's something that constantly surrounds us even if we are not aware of. WideNoise will help you to better understand the soundscape around you & live a healthier life.

WideNoise, the iPhone & Android app that helps you understand the soundscape around you.

Download the app and participate.

WideNoise - Take Sample WideNoise - Recording


ADI Design Index 2010

WideNoise 2.0 was listed in the ADI Design Index 2010 , worth a nomination to the world's most prestigious design award, Compasso d'Oro.

Top 10 Internet of Things 2009

WideNoise 2.0 got lots and lots of interest, gaining visibility on major newspaper, being cited in the Top 10 Internet of Things object of 2009 by the New York Times and Read Write Web:

"The iPhone is a fertile ground for Internet of Things, as a product called WideNoise shows. WideNoise is an iPhone application that samples decibel noise levels, displaying them on an interactive map. With the app you can take a sound reading, and if you so wish share that with the WideNoise community. You can check the average sound level of the area around you, which might be handy if you're house-hunting or simply looking for a quiet spot to relax in."

WideNoise awards: Read Write Web IoT 2010 and ADI Design Index
Explore the map
Explore the map and see data collected all around the world. You can even track incoming data live!
Check the statistics
There is a lot to learn about the collected data. The statistics page provides several interesting aggregates and relations.
Download a smartphone application and collect data for yourself.
Check your statistics
What are you exposed to each day? You can see a summary of your own collected data on your personal data page.