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Air pollution is one of those environmental issues that receives more attention from the media. Just like noise pollution (see WideNoise), it constantly surrounds us that we are not really aware of since it is not visible. AirProbe will help you to better understand the soundscape around you & breathe easier.

AirProbe, the Android app that helps you measure the air pollution around you.

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APIC Challenge

21.10.2013 - 01.12.2013

APIC is a challenge between citizens of four European cities from the 21st October to the 1st of December 2013. They will compete to build the most complete (in time and space) map of air pollution for their city. The cities are London (UK), Antwerp (Belgium), Kassel (Germany), and Turin (Italy).

Explore the map
Explore the map and see data collected all around the world. You can even track incoming data live!
Check the statistics
There is a lot to learn about the collected data. The statistics page provides several interesting aggregates and relations.
Download a smartphone application and collect data for yourself.
Check your statistics
What are you exposed to each day? You can see a summary of your own collected data on your personal data page.